Junior Performance

Lead Coach – Neil Shire
Assistant Coach – Rich Crocker

Endurance to improve fitness and stamina, concentration on skills and technique, putting into practice everything learnt from previous squads main focus is to put each session together from the last.

Squad criteria:

  • Ability to swim all events legally
  • Desire to compete at all levels

£67 monthly plus annual membership fee.

Session times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM 05:20 – 07:30 5:20 – 7:30am
Selected Swimmers
Selected Saturdays

Land 08:00 – 0850

Pool 09:00- 11:00

PM 17:50 -20:00 Meet at Bridge 18:35
Return to Bridge by 20:50
17:50 – 20:00 Meet at Bridge 17:25
Return to Bridge by 19:45
18:00 – 20:00

* Have a look at our Club calendar, which includes all scheduled Mount Kelly training dates.

Commitment level:
Swimming should be one of many activities for the athlete; however, there should be a commitment between the swimmer and coach to an agreed number of sessions for each individual. The swimmer should be team orientated in terms of spirit and  attitude. Swimmers are expected to enter any Devon Championships that they qualify for in conjunction with their coach’s wishes.

Recommended practice attendance:

At least 8  hours per week and in consultation with the coach to ensure in line with long term athlete development for the swimmer’s ability and development.

Focus training:

  • Training based on 200s – 1500s with a strong medley base
  • Building an excellent level of stamina and strength and a high level of aerobic ability
  • Ensuring the basics of all the techniques and previous skills of streamlining and underwater fly kick are in place

Focus competitions:
Devon Championships, Regional Age Group Championships, Level 1 – 3 meets. Using Level 3 meets to build confidence and experience at long course competitions.

Equipment list:
Kick board, pull buoy, goggles, swim hat, fins, finger paddles working towards hand paddles, snorkel, nose clip if required, water bottles, stretch cord and skipping rope.

Swimmers also need a green Club swim hat and Club t-shirt for competitions. All these items are available to purchase from the Club. Have a look at our Kit Shop for more information or to place your order.