Coach: Jenny Elliott

To enjoy keeping fit by swimming regularly.

Guidelines to be in group:
Minimum requirement to swim front crawl 200m in 5 mins 30 sec with a desire to improve.

£37 monthly plus annual membership fee.

Session times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
PM 20:00– 21:00 plus 2 lanes for Masters 18:00 – 20:00

Commitment level:
Regularly attend one or two sessions a week. Willingness to improve (or possibly maintain if moving from a squad of higher ability) some aspect of swimming ability.

Focus training:
Improve (or maintain) fitness, technique, stamina and lifesaving skills and knowledge.

Recommended competitions:
Club championships, East Devon Mini league galas, ASA Personal Survival and Rescue Awards

Equipment list:
Float, pull buoy, fins, water bottle, T-shirt to wear while swimming.

Some of the above items are available to purchase from the Club. Have a look at our Kit Shop for more information or to place your order.