The Exeter City Swimming Club Learn To Swim (LTS) programme aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent Learn To Swim experience. We place a strong focus on quality teaching in a family friendly atmosphere. Our swimming lessons are highly structured and carried out by professional, qualified swimming instructors. 

The LTS programme consists of one 30 minute session per week and children are assessed and grouped on ability. We use the nationally recognised Swim England framework and award scheme up to Stage 4 (adapted to meet the requirements of our swimming club setting). As children progress to Stage 5, they have the option of continuing with their swim stages in the Swim School or joining the Learn To Train or Learn To Compete squads where commitment is expected to increase as children commence their pathway into the swimming club environment.

Our class sizes have a maximum of 6* children up to and including Stage 4. The Stage 5+ groups in lane swimming have a maximum of 8 children.

Our beginner groups usually have an assistant working alongside the teacher also.

* Covid guidelines mean classes are currently a maximum of 5, unless we have family bubbles in the group, in which case the maximum is 6.

We are also requesting that there is adult support provided for our beginner lessons (Stage 1 and 2) as teachers are currently unable to provide the support with the current guidelines.

We operate within the Exeter City Swimming Club umbrella and therefore all swimmers will have the opportunity to progress through a seamless pathway from learning to swim to performance. We also have squads for those who choose to continue swimming for enjoyment and fitness, therefore, there is no pressure to take the competitive route if it is not for you.


The cost is £27 per month plus an annual membership fee of £20.


Our Learn To Swim programme operates on the following days:

Wednesday's, WESC Foundation, 4.30-7.00pm: Ducklings through to Stage 10*. Ages from 3 upwards**.

Friday’s, WESC Foundation, 4.30-7.30pm: Ducklings through to Stage 10*. Ages from 3 upwards**.

Sunday’s, Exeter School, 10.00am-2.30pm: Ducklings through to Stage 10*. Ages from 3 upwards**.

*Please note that children may be requested to join the Learn to Train (LTT) or Learn To Compete (LTC) squad swimming after Stage 5 if numbers are too high in Swim School. They can still be assessed for their Swim England stages within these squads.

** Children over 11 and passing Stage 5 will be asked to join the Learn To Train (LTT), Competitive Development (CD) or Fitness squad depending on Swim School numbers.

We can also offer 121 swimming lessons dependent on teacher availability. Lessons are £18 for 30 minutes (plus an annual membership fee of £12) and can be block booked or on an ad hoc basis.

Term Dates 

Term 3 (2020): Sunday 6th September to Sunday 20th December 

Currently closed due to Covid-19 but will resume from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Term 1 (2021): Wednesday 6th January to Sunday 4th April 2021

We continue lessons as normal through the half term holidays but break at the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

* Update 24 November 2020

We are currently closed in line with Government restrictions. We plan to resume from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Please note, we are currently FULL and unable to take any new bookings. We are also currently unable to offer private swimming lessons.

Ali Browning - Head of Swim School

Ali manages our Learn To Swim programme and has been involved in swimming for several years as both a teacher and competitor.


Ali is an experienced Swim England qualified Level 2 swimming instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. Ali recognises the importance of being able to swim from a safety aspect but also that confidence in the water enables children to participate in a range of aquatic and water-based activities.

Sammy Basham - Teacher

Sammy is an experienced Swim England Level 2 qualified swimming teacher and coach and has been involved in the club's swim school for over 10 years. She started volunteering with the swim school in her spare time while still a competitive swimmer at the club. Sammy loves to develop children's water confidence on their journey through our popular Learn To Swim programme.


Sammy is also a qualified Soft Tissue Therapist and has proudly sponsored our swim school uniform.

 Abbi Bloor - Teacher

Abbi swam for the club at regional level many moons ago and returned to teach for us in 2009. 

Abbi is an experienced Swim England Level 2 qualified swimming teacher. She is able to work with all ages and abilities and is a qualified 'Adult and Child' teacher, she has attended many CPD courses over the years to include an Introduction to Disability Swimming Awareness and The Inclusion of Swimmers with a Disability. Abbi regularly teaches our Saturday 1-2-1 lessons.

Abbi says there is nothing like seeing a child swim for the first time and the grin on that child's face is all she needs to keep going!

Adam Clarkson - Teacher

Adam teaches our Learn To Swim programme and also runs our Learn To Compete and Learn To Train junior swim squads.


He is a Swim England Level 2 qualified swimming instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. 

Hannah Jones - Teacher

Hannah is an enthusiastic STA Level 2 qualified swimming instructor who loves teaching! She has been involved with Exeter City Swimming Club as a competitive swimmer, but has recently transitioned over to the teaching side. Hannah volunteered with Swim School for approximately 2 years and enjoyed seeing the children progress so much she decided complete her Level 1 teaching qualification and has since completed her Level 2. 


 Nev King - Teacher

Nev swam competitively from the age of 10 with Exeter and then Exmouth Swimming Club. 


Nev is an experienced Swim England Level 2 Swimming Teacher with nearly 10 years teaching experience. Nev started volunteering with Exmouth’s Learn To Swim and coaching with their Competitive and Development squads (which he continues to do) and is now also a popular teacher with our Swim School!


Nev has a passion for swimming and is keen to give back to the sport that has given him so much. He likes to see children improve their swimming technique, build their water confidence and enjoy the water, as swimming is a skill that you keep for life.

 James Lovell - Teacher

James is an STA Level 2 qualified swimming teacher with over 5 years teaching experience. He started with our swim school alongside his university studies and is a valuable member of our teaching team.

James enjoys enabling children to reach their full potential in the water and building their confidence to pursue a number of aquatic activities.

James is a competitive swimmer and currently represents Exeter University where he is studying for a degree in Sports and Exercise Science.


David Palmer - Teacher

David is a Swim England Level 2 Swimming Teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience, He is also the Lead Coach of our Competitive Fitness and Fitness squads at the club.


David enjoys seeing children progress through the swimming stages and developing their water confidence so that they are able to take part in a range of aquatic activities.


David is a primary school teacher so spends his time in the classroom when he is not teaching at the pool!