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Junior Training & Competition

Lead Coach: Garrick Wilsdon


Those who are interested in becoming a member of JTC will have ambitions to train hard and have a desire to continue to achieve and improve upon their technique across all four strokes. Similar to our Performance pathway squads, JD and JP, sessions will be based upon IM as the main training focus with skills, stamina and endurance as part of the training plan, with County champs and (for some), Regional Champs as target meets during the season. 

Squad criteria

  • Swimmers between 11 - 13yrs of age (lower and upper ages at coach’s discretion)

  • Ability to swim all strokes legally including turns

  • Be able to swim 200 Freestyle, Backstroke and IM without stopping.

  • Will be the swimmer’s choice around how many sessions they can commit to but the session must be swam to the best of their ability.

  • It wont be compulsory to compete at meets, however, swimmers will be expected to train as if they are going to compete (in the sessions they can attend). This will involve stamina, speed and threshold sets to get them to the highest level of fitness their commitment allows.

  • Would be expected that they represent the club in Mini league/Arena league events if requested.

Training sessions

Thursday PM

Friday PM

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