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Junior Development

'The difference in confidence my daughter had before joining Exeter Swimming and now, some 6 months later is hugely apparent in all she does. The sessions not only teach her to swim well, but also give her skills that she uses outside the pool, such as self-discipline and time mangagement. I couldn't recommend this swim programe highly enough' - Junior Development Parent

Lead Coach:  John Bishop

Assistant Coach: Vicky Grimwood; Lucy Mason


Squad Criteria

  • Minimum Age: Girls from 9 to 13 , Boys 10 to 13 

  • Must attend at least 75% of available sessions, including mornings

  • Ability to swim all four strokes

  • Ability to take on board constructive criticism, verbal instructions/directions.


Swimmers must be able to cope with the training load and intensity of the training sessions

Coaches expect the right attitude and commitment from swimmers already in this squad or swimmers wishing to join this squad who are fully committed to team ethos, and goals (individual and team), to be on time and fully prepared for all sessions and competitions (training gear, water bottle, team kit etc).


Must have the ability to complete the following:

10 x 100 FS

     5 0n 2:00, 5 on 1:50

5x 100 kick on 2:30

2 x 200 IM on 4:00


Participation in galas and club Champs; Open meets should be entered on coach’s recommendation only

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