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Junior Performance

'My son's competitive swimming track transferred from Junior Development to Junior Performance seamlessly. The work rate was turned up slowly, giving him time to adjust to the harder sets and pace and his response to the additional training expected at this level was extremely positive! His skills and overall awareness in the pool have continued to improve being in this squad' - Junior Performance Squad Parent

Lead Coach - Glenn Currie
Assistant Coach - Helen Townsend


Squad Criteria

Squad movements will always be based on discussion between coaches. 

  • Minimum Age: Girls 11 Boys 12

  • Regularly train 8h per week including morning training

  • Must have achieved a Devon Championships QT, or just outside of one, preferably in an individual medley event (coaches’ discretion)

  • Coachable in relation to OADF 

  • Attains at least 5m underwater off every turn.


Can complete the following 

10 x 100m FS off 1.30, 

6 x 100 IM off 2:15, 

20 x 50m FS on 65

Participation in  County and Regional Championships (if selected or when QT achieved), Arena League (if selected). Open meets should be entered on coach’s recommendation only - swimmers are expected and encouraged to attend open meets appropriate for their age and development level


Swimming is beginning to become an athlete’s first sport and gradually taking priority over other sporting commitments.

Swimmers will work on developing their aerobic capacity and further skills improvement on a more professional level, so discipline, commitment, dedication, and thrive to excel is required.

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