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Junior Performance

'My son's competitive swimming track transferred from Junior Development to Junior Performance seamlessly. The work rate was turned up slowly, giving him time to adjust to the harder sets and pace and his response to the additional training expected at this level was extremely positive! His skills and overall awareness in the pool have continued to improve being in this squad' - Junior Performance Squad Parent

Lead Coach - Louis Joyce
Assistant Coach - Helen Townsend



Development of specific skills and technical elements needed within the sport. For swimmers to develop an understanding of the strategies and tactics required to swim competitively. To encourage and support each of the athletes physical, social and emotional development needs.


Squad criteria:

  • Squad movements will always be based on discussions between coaches. It is expected that swimmers wanting to move up to the squad are able to swim the following set -


              12 x 100 FS – 6 on 2:00 6 on 1:50

               8 x 100 Kick on 2:30 (only 3 can be breaststroke, none have to be)

               4 x 200 IM 4.30


  • Must have achieved a Devon Championships qualifying time, or just outside of one, preferably in an individual medley     event (coaches discretion)

  • Swimmer can demonstrate an understanding of their skills and technique goals and objectives.

  • Can demonstrate a desire to compete at all levels.

  • Regularly train 8hrs per week including morning training

  • Demonstration of regular attendance at competitions.



Session times:

Monday PM

Wednesday AM

Wednesday PM

Thursday PM

Friday PM

Sunday PM


Commitment level:

Swimming should be one of many activities for the athlete; however, there should be a commitment between the swimmer and coach to an agreed number of sessions for each individual. The swimmer should be team orientated in terms of spirit and attitude. Swimmers are expected to enter any Devon Championships that they qualify for in conjunction with their coach’s wishes along with a further 4 competitions each season in agreement with their coach.


Recommended practice attendance:

At least 10hours per week in consultation with the coach to ensure in line with long term athlete development for the swimmer's ability and development.


Training focus:

·       Skills and techniques with a strong medley base

·       Building an excellent level of stamina and strength and a high level of aerobic ability

·       Introduction to structured land based exercises

·       Ensuring the basics of all the techniques and previous skills of streamlining and underwater fly kick are in place

·       Development of skills for starts, finishes, turns and transitions.


Competition focus:

Devon Championships, Regional Age Group Championships,  Level 1 – 3 meets. Using  Level  3 meets to build confidence and experience at long course competitions.


Equipment list:

Kick board, pull buoy, goggles (2 pairs), swim hat, fins, finger paddles working towards hand paddles, snorkel, nose clip if required, 2 x water bottles per session, stretch cord and skipping rope. Swimmers also need a green Club swim hat and Club t-shirt 

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