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Lead Coach: Magda Kłosowską

Assistant Coach: Neil Shire


Squad Criteria

  • Girls 12 Boys 13

  • Regularly trains minimum 12h per week in the pool including mornings (please note when swimmers join the squad the minimum is 8 hours growing to the 12 hours over 6 months).

  • Attend 2h land training per week

  • Achieve a Western County QT or fast-tracked by the Head Coach in discussion with Club Coaches

  • Coachable in relation to OADF

Can complete the following set:

6 x 100m FS off 1.30, 

4 x 200 FS on 3:00,

3 x 400 on 6:00, 

6 x 100 IM on 1:45,

4 x 200 IM on 3:20, 

4 x 100 FS kick with snorkel on 2:00.


Swimmers should be competing at Regional Level and working towards National QT+ Achieve County QTs in following:

1 x Distance Freestyle 1500m/800m/400m/200m

1 x Individual medley and/or

1 x 200m Form Stroke

Swimmers to compete at targeted meets specified by coach and all Arena league galas where selected.



 Performance squad is a highly competitive squad and only aimed at swimmers for whom the sport of swimming becomes a “lifestyle choice“ with swimming taking absolute priority over other sporting commitments 

A swimmer must show high levels of independence and self - reliance, coachability and willingness to be held accountable for training and racing.

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