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A Swimming Master-class!

A contingent of our Master swimmers competed at the Swim England Masters National Championships 2018 at Ponds Forge, Sheffield over the weekend, securing some incredible results, including a silver and two bronzes in the relays and a silver medal for our Head of Learn to Swim, Ali Browning in the 200m Breaststroke!

Exeter Masters Team from L to R - Nev King, Matt Hockin, Ian Lang, Cat Wilson and Ali Browning. Not in photo - Steve Hurley, Jamie Page and Nige Travers-Griffin

Medley Relay Team - Bronze Medallists! Cat Wilson (b/k), Ian Lang (b/r), Ali Browning (Fly), Matt Hockin (F/S)

Here are the results from the weekend. Well done to all of you!


Silver in the 120+ 4 x 200m Mixed Freestyle relay - Cat Wilson, Ali Browning, Ian Lang and Steve Hurley. Just pipped into 2nd place.

Bronze in the 120+ 4 x 50m Mixed Freestyle Relay - Nev King, Ali Browning, Cat Wilson, Nige Travers-Griffin

Bronze in the 120+ 4 x 50m Medley Relay - Cat Wilson (b/k), Ian Lang (b/r), Ali Browning (Fly), Matt Hockin (F/S)

1500m Freestyle

30/34 yrs Ian Lang

50m Breaststroke

40/44 yrs Jamie Page 8th

40/44 yrs Ali Browning, 6th

200m IM

40/44 yrs Jamie Page, 6th

100m Freestyle

30/34 yrs Matt Hockin 25th

40/44 yrs, Steve Hurley 23rd and less than half a second behind, Jamie Page in 24th

45/49 yrs Nigel Travers-Griffin, 19th

100m IM

25/29 yrs Cat Wilson, 12th

400m Freestyle 30/34 yrs Ian Lang, 9th

40/44 yrs Steven Hurley, 6th

45/49 yrs Nev King, 7th

50m Backstroke

25/29 yrs Cat Wilson, 8th

200m Freestyle

40/44 Steve Hurley, 5th

45/49 Nev King, 10th

200m Breaststroke

Silver in 40/44 Ali 2nd

45/49 Nev King 10th

50m Butterfly

Cat Wilson, 13th

50m Freestyle

30/34 Matt Hockin, 24th

40/44 Jamie Page 21st

45/49 Nige Travers-Griffin, 13th

100m Breaststroke

45/49 Nev King 17th PB

40/44 Ali Browning, 4th

800m Freestyle

45/49 Nev King, just pipped to 4th place by a second!

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