Open Our Pools

In light of the Government's failure to announce a date for re-opening swimming pools in the UK, it has left many pool operators, swimming clubs like ourselves and other pool users completed baffled. It has been announced today that pubs, restaurants, cinemas, etc are to re-open from 4th July, yet nothing has been announced regarding the re-opening of swimming pools. Many pools and swim clubs have already been putting in place safety measures and risk assessments in readiness for a return and without a date to work towards, leaves many in the difficult situation of not knowing when our clubs can return to training. Our swimmers, like many others in sport, rely on the physical activity for th

Swim England Guidance published today

Swim England have today released guidance to all pool users, including swimming clubs like ours about how we will be able to facilitate a return to swimming. What we know is that swimming will look very different initially and we need to be able to prepare for this. Swim England say "The guidance includes robust recommendations for operators, casual swimmers, lane swimming, family-fun sessions, club activity, teachers and those attending swimming lessons." Our committee and coaching team will now start to assess and plan our return to the water and this will include liaison with our pool providers, as well as assessing how many swimmers can return to the water at any one time, in order to k

ECSC Member History Feature No.6 - June

This month's featured member of ECSC is our former swimmer and perhaps slightly less well known of the Tancock Brothers..... Ryan Tancock! Ryan is the older brother of Olympian and another former ECSC swimmer, Liam Tancock. Ryan is very well known in Exeter and Devon swimming circles as he is still a multi-record holder, both with club and county records. Shows that there was plenty of swimming talent in the Tancock family. The one thing that Ryan certainly lived for was the thrill of racing. He wasn't quite so thrilled by the training! It was well known by all his fellow swimmers and Head Coach at the time, Jon Randall, that training wasn't really for him, but the social aspect of bein

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