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He did it! 24 miles in 24 hours

Huge congratulations to Neil Gilson on his massive achievement at the weekend! Neil, a former swimmer with Exeter City Swimming Club, swam a remarkable 24 miles in 24 hours On Saturday 22nd into Sunday 23rd June at Loch Lubnaig, Scotland to raise money and awareness of the charity PANS PANDAS, a charity very close to Neil and his family's hearts.

Neil had to swim a mile every hour in the cold lake, including through the hours of darkness.

The mental and physical strength shown by Neil was nothing short of amazing, to keep going swimming in a dark cold lake when everything around you is pitch black is not for the faint-hearted.

Neil was supported by his Wife Lucie, children Lily and Jack, plus a number of friends and family.

Neil was joined in the water for one his mile's by former ECSC swimmer, World Record Holder and Olympian Liam Tancock and another mile by another former British Olympic swimmer, Joe Roebuck. Their support, along with his other friends and family, was absolutely invaluable and helped to get him through this unenviable challenge. Neil were sporting his green Exeter City Swimming Club swim hat throughout the swim and when Liam swam with him he could not miss out on the opportunity to represent Team Green!

Neil and has raised over £5000 for PANS PANDAS so far, which is a fantastic amount, but there is still time to donate and you can do so by visiting....

Well done Neil!! Everyone at Exeter City Swimming Club is super proud of you!

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