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Top Visiting Club at 'The Dasher'

Over the weekend of 29th and 30th November and 1st December, Devonport Royal and Dinnaton Swimming Club's jointly hosted their 'Dasher' Meet. It was a really good meet, where many of the younger swimmers from our competitive squads were able to compete in a friendly, but competitive meet. Many of the swimmers were aiming as always to make improvements to their racing, gaining personal bests and in some instances hoping to gain county qualifying times. Well, many of them certainly did that! Lots of fun was also had along the way, with the meet having a friendly atmosphere and we are very grateful to the host clubs for providing such a well-run meet.

Many of our swimmers were winners of medals for placing in the top 3 of their races in their respective age groups. We came away from the weekend having won another 'Top Visiting Club' Trophy and Sofija Gelev won the trophy for Top Female swimmer for the meet!

A great achievement. Here are some of our medallists from the weekend!

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