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ECSC Member History Feature No. 1 - January

Over the next 12 months, to help celebrate our 125th Anniversary, we are going to feature a club member, past or present, every month. January's featured club member is the most appropriate member to start us off and we would like to introduce Mrs Exeter Swimming herself..... Helen Townsend!

Helen is part of the fabric of Exeter City Swimming Club, having been actively involved with the club since a very young swimmer, right the way through to still being involved today. We know that Helen is very proud of the club and will always be on hand to offer advice to any member of the club, from those just starting out in the world of competitive swimming and needing help understanding what all the terminology means, or how to enter galas, or what equipment they need. She is able to advise and encourage new volunteer and explain what the roles involve, give coaching tips or committee advice, or just being a listening ear to anyone's concerns or worries, by sharing the years of swimming wisdom she has developed.

Helen says "I have been a member of Exeter Swimming since the age of 8 (over 40 years). I learned to swim with them, competed locally & nationally, taught the learn to swim programme, volunteered as a helper / team manager, ran galas , became a swim parent and gained my teaching and coaching qualifications. He probably won’t remember, but I taught Liam Tancock in the learn to swim sessions at The School for the Deaf on Topsham Road! My Dad was part of the committee and was a qualified official as well."

Helen went on to say "I am now assisting with coaching two squads on three nights a week, whilst continuing to team manage at competitions when needed and also help to organise our Exeter run galas. Some say I have chlorine in my blood!!"

"Exeter Swimming has not only provided me with fitness, but also lifelong friends and skills for life; such as dealing with both disappointment and success at a young age, learning organisational skills, managing school homework/exams and training at the same time. Such important and transferable skills that have helped me in my adult life. I competed as an individual and also as a team and I travelled the country and abroad, including Germany , Lanzarote and Majorca".

"Exeter City Swimming Club is stronger than ever and continues to provide all of the above opportunities to the current swimmers and parents, I am proud to still be part of it"

Helen Townsend (nee Dalley)

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