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ECSC Representing at ESSA Inter-Divisional National Champs

The weekend of Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March saw the ESSA (English Schools Swimming Association) Inter-Divisional National Championships take place at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. This is where the swimmers have previously represented their secondary schools at regional level and then if their schools qualify, they then compete for their schools at a national level, with the secondary team championships taking place in November 2019.

The Inter-Divisional National Champs see the best swimmers from these schools in each respective region being selected to represent their regional team. We had three Exeter City Swimming Club swimmers selected to represent the South West Regional Team. They were Ella Osborne, Sara Sari and Anatole Kacar. They all swam brilliantly, helping the South West team to a super-impressive 2nd place! The winners were the North East Region. However, 2nd place is a fantastic achievement and yet again highlights how strong swimming in our region truly is.

Well done to all the swimmers and especially the three from ECSC!

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