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COVID-19 Club Shutdown

As you will now be aware, the Coronavirus situation has led to correct, but very drastic measures to keep everyone as safe as possible during this unprecedented and difficult time. As a result, the club has suspended all face to face, or social engagement, which includes training, meets, face to face meetings and social engagements. This is regrettable, but absolutely the right thing to do in these circumstances, in the global attempt to reduce the spread of this virus.

The coaches are currently providing land based training via email and other interactive ways to keep our swimmers engaged in a positive way to maintain as much physical and mental wellness as possible. Our swimmers are obviously very disappointed to have had their swimming training cancelled, but we know that this enforced shutdown won't dent their spirits and they will be back to swimming more determined than ever when we eventually return to a more normal world again.

It's the club's 125th Anniversary, so it is important we don't let this huge thing we are all going through to damage the club. We have faced challenges before and this is another of those challenges. We have our new anniversary kit to wear and we are determined to wear it poolside in 2020 at some point! We are Exeter, we have always been Exeter and we will always be Exeter!

Keep healthy and safe everyone.

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