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Aviva Crowdfunding Project Launched!

We are really pleased to announce that we have launched a Crowdfunding Project through the Aviva Community Fund. Our project goes live on Tuesday 16th February 2021.

We are aiming to Crowdfund £3000 in order to purchase some MyJukes Headsets. We are a registered not-for-profit charity club run by a hard working committee and coaches made up of volunteers. Therefore, in order to keep fees as low as possible for our swimmers and their families, we rely on support from sponsors, funding projects and other donations. In order to keep improving what we offer our swimmers, any equipment, such as these headsets, we need to raise funds, as we don't have the spare funds to buy them ourselves.

We would be so grateful if you can support our Crowdfunding Project in any way you can, even the smallest donations, will all help us to achieve our funding goal. If you are a business, then any donation of £250 or more will earn you a space on our sponsors page of our website for 12 months.

Here is a description from the MyJukes website ( about what we are trying to raise the money to fund.

Meet Jukes.

Equip your club with 40 headsets that can be used across 7 channels for coaches to manage multiple lanes and squads.

  • For swimmers

    • Listen to your coach while swimming

    • Waterproof headset to 1m

    • Bone conduction, keeping ears clear

    • Lightweight

  • For Coaches

    • Speak to swimmers, play music or stroke beeps to them

    • Real-time feedback to improve talent in the pool

    • Crystal clear audio up to 150m indoor, 750m-1km outdoor

    • 7 channels to coach multiple lanes or groups

This pack includes:

40x Jukes headsets

2x Radio transmitters & microphones

2x Aux connectors

2x Poolside storage case (20 in each)

4x 10 port USB charging docks

The current COVID-19 situation means that even when we return to the pool to begin training again, it is likely that some social distancing will need to remain in order to keep everyone safe. UK Government guidelines require swimmers to be position at different points in the lane when resting. Jukes headsets ensure all swimmers hear coaching instruction, feel safe and know what the next set is without worry. There are numerous benefits for swimmers with hidden, neuro-disabilities, but also recognising that swimmers have a variety of learning abilities. T

hese headsets provide coaches the opportunity to know that every swimmers know what they need to do, as well as give an opportunity to repeat or explain instructions, quietly, without the need to shout to make themselves heard in a noisy, echo-filled, environment.

More information regarding our project can be found via the below link that goes live on Tuesday 16th February 2021.

Thank you for your support as always!

(Photo Credits - MyJukes)


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