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We have nearly reached our target!

We have just received a £1500 pledge on our Aviva Community Fund from the Devon County Council Community Chest which has taken us really close to our £3000 target!

We are so grateful for this. This was received after an additional funding application was submitted by our committee and involved quite a bit of time and effort to ensure that what was written appealed to Devon County Council. Thankfully it did and they agreed to award us this fantastic amount.

We have just 11 days left to get ourselves over the line. In order to gain access to the pledges we have received so far, we need to ensure we hit our funding target of £3000. We are just £435 off our target and currently sit at 85% of our total. We can do this!

We are so grateful to the members of the club, past and present, who have pledged various amounts towards this effort. We are so grateful for your support and any amount, no matter how small, all goes towards us achieving our fundraising goal. Thanks to everyone who has retweeted, shared on Facebook and Instagram and spread the word.

We are asking for one final push to get us over the line! Hopefully you can continue to support us to ensure we get there.

If you own a business, if you pledge £250, then you will become one of our club sponsors, with your business logo being displayed on the Sponsors page of our website and receive marketing on our Social Media platforms which are followed by thousands!


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