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We've done it!

We are so incredibly excited to announce that we have reached (and surpassed) our Crowdfunding target!

Three days ago, we had a flurry of pledges, including two pledges of £250 from local businesses, which meant we met our target of £3000 with around 10 days to go. This is obviously amazing to have done this with days to spare. It really is testament to the support we have for the club and the generosity of everyone who pledged an amount, no matter how small, as it all helped us to get to where we needed to be.

The two businesses that pledged were Moss Builders South West and Desire Jewels Exmouth. As a result of both of them pledging £250 each, they are now official sponsors of the club for the next 12 months and their logos are now on our website sponsors page.

As you can see, we now have a further target of £5000, which is our 'stretch' target to try and get to before the closing date of our crowdfunding, which if we achieved it, would mean that we would be able to purchase even more of these fantastic swimmer headsets. This would allow even more of our swimmers to access this brilliant innovative training tool.

If you own a business or work for a business that may be interested in the excellent marketing opportunity to become one of our official club sponsors, for the price of just £250, then the opportunity for their logo being on our website, promotion via our social media platforms and their logo in any swim meet programmes in the next 12 months is still available. They just need to pledge £250 towards this crowdfunding project. I am sure customers and associates of any business seeing they are linked with a local charity sports club, providing equal opportunities for fitness, engagement and the opportunity for sporting success, to so many young people in Exeter and the surrounding area, can only be viewed in a positive light.

Thanks once again for everyone who has supporting this crowdfunding project and helped us to achieve our goal, either by donating or sharing the project via your social media.

We have 8 days left to push towards our stretch target of £5000 - let's see if we can do it!


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